5.10 WATER TENNIE: Because You Won’t Slip!

Five Ten AquaStealth rubber has long been coveted by whitewater enthusiasts. The rubber sticks to wet rocks like nothing else you can wrap your feet in. Five Ten has come in and out of the paddle sports specific bootie market many times. My favorite bootie of all time is the Five Ten Maverick, a tall bootie with interior zipper closure. Sadly it was discontinued a number of years ago and I wore through the many pairs that I stock piled when I heard of them leaving the shelves. Luckily Five Ten has continued to offer shoes designed to work well in wet environments. The tried and true Canyoneer boot, a rugged supportive water sport shoe utilized by rescue professionals, whitewater enthusiasts and canyoneering junkies alike, has been in Five Ten’s lineup for many years. The latest bootie designed specifically for the paddle sports market is the Water Tennie, which has quickly established itself as the industry standard.

The Water Tennie in its element. (Photo: David Priddis)

The Water Tennie has quickly established itself as the industry standard water shoe for whitewater kayaking because its traction is unparalleled on wet rocks. There really isn’t a bootie, shoe, boot, slipper or any other type of footwear available on the market that adheres as well to steep wet rocks. The Water Tennie even fits well in smaller kayaks due to its low profile design. It’s super lightweight, which makes it great for packing and long hikes. It also drains really well while still giving you lots of foot protection in the sole and toe box. Whether you need to throw the latest moves in your playboat, hike into the gnarliest overnight class V creek run, take a run down your local river on your SUP or just want to go for a hike up your local creek without slipping the Five Ten Water Tennie is what should be on your feet.

Lots of gear required for overnight whitewater kayaking down Dinkey Creek. The only piece of gear that ALL paddlers in this diverse group had in common was Five Ten shoes on their feet.

Water Tennie MSRP: $120.00 (BUY NOW)


Best traction on wet rocks available!

Light weight

Low profile

Toe cap provides great protection

EVA midsole provides stiffness for great hiking support


Price (The stickiest rubber ever will cost you!)

Loose heal cup

Mesh panels wear quickly

Square outer corners on heal can create pressure point while in a kayak

Laces can come untied easily

Peering down at the put-in for Dinkey Creek.

There is no substitute for Five Ten Stealth rubber while hiking on Cali granite.

Some of the Five Ten paddle sports ambassadors having some fun at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show.

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(Photo: David Priddis)

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(Disclaimer: I received a few different pairs of 5.10 shoes for review at no cost. I however have not received any other form of compensation from 5.10 at the time of this review.)

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