2013 Vail Winter Mtn Games: A Photogs Perspective

This was my first year attending the Winter Vail Mtn Games, although I have been to many Summer Vail Mtn Games. Check out my coverage from last summer HERE. The Winter Games have a very similar format, but a very different vibe. The days are full of athletic outdoor events that showcase the rugged terrain around the town of Vail and the nights are full of parties that feature live music. The Winter Games are unique in that they feature very niche winter outdoor sports with a very core dedicated followings. The town of Vail is also full of winter sports enthusiasts that are out playing on the slopes, versus the summer time in Vail where there are far fewer tourists and a big contingent of competitors and spectators that arrive specifically for the Games. In the end the Winter Games were a ton of fun to explore, photograph and be a part of. The athletes put on a spectacular show!

I’d like to send a huge shout out to Matt Trappe for being a rock star photographer and showing me a few things about the profession. Check out his photos from the Games HERE. Also be sure to check out the shots from a few other talented photographers that I met at the Games: Steven Dewitt, Daniel Milchev & David Clifford.

I was able to cover most of the events during the games, although I did miss a few at the Nordic center and the opening night concert. Hopefully you get a feel for the Games from my photos and want to join in on the fun next year. I hope to see you there!

Click on the thumbnails to see full size images.


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