10-20 Adventures Winter Desert Campout

10-20 Adventure Community 2015 Desert Winter Camping Adventure


Support, Inspire, Motivate…Mission Accomplished!


What’s your twenty? My twenty this past weekend, December 11-13 2015, was out in the SoCal desert near Sultan City, CA with an amazing group of adventurers, the 10-20 Adventures Community. This group is all about supporting, inspiring and motivating people to get out and adventure. They are revamping their website, but are super active on FB and IG. I’ll let the following pictures take you on a visual journey, and provide just a small sampling of the adventures had. You can check out my extended gallery on FB HERE. This was just my personal experience, as groups broke off and explored in all directions, and in many different ways.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 1

This is a bad idea, no matter how awesome it looks.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 2

The awesome rigs and people assemble on a cliffside overlooking the Truckhaven area of the SoCal desert.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 3

I had a super comfy home base, which also kept the cold Ninkasi beer flowing all weekend, and mostly explored on the moto.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 4

The KTM 640 Adventure is one sexy beast! I don’t think it’s known for reliability though 😉

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 5

There was no shortage of amazing food on offer all weekend. Ting’s tri tip was soooooo good!

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 6

Little Jax enjoying some van time and exploring with his Luci Light.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 7

Lots of stories told around the campfire all weekend.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 8

Apparently they do make red Solo cup shot glasses. Here Amber and Holly put them to good use while enjoying some quality tequila.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 9

Late night hot dog roasting around the campfire.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 10

I got up before first light to get out and explore, and gather some photos of the EEXP. Leaving camp I’m sure the loud Cummins made sure no one else missed the sunrise either 😉

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 11

Early morning freestyle photo mission in the EEXP.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 12

EXO X Gear provided some cool prizes that 10-20 distributed to the top IG photos of the day, a fun competition that I got the honor of helping to judge.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 13

Little Jax is so photogenic! Family oriented, and dog friendly, event for sure.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 14

The view from Fonts Point is just spectacular!!!

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 15

Holly, part of the team at Yeti Built, soaking in the warm sunshine and breathtaking view. I LOVE her forearm tattoos; “Life Of Adventure” and “Wild And Free…”

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 16

Such a positive message!

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 17

The #1020WildWomen like to live on the edge!

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 18

Look closely and you’ll spot another #1020WildWoman sitting on the edge of the abyss.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 19

This was the group of adventurers that I spent the day exploring with on Saturday. A diverse mix of people and adventurmobile that combined for an amazing day.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 20

The metal sculptures near Borrego Springs are quite intricate works of art. The #1020WildWomen of course loved this wild Jeep 🙂

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 21

Sadly my day ended with a rough last mile or so back to camp. This steep and technical trail was quite the challenge on my moto, even more so with the electrical issues I was having where the bike would stall and not restart. After letting it cool and jumping it one last time I gunned it up the hill from this spot and made it about 15′ from the top of the canyon. The extremely steep and soft sand at that point didn’t think I had enough speed or traction, so it tossed me and the bike to the ground. Four guys couldn’t push the bike up the remainder of the hill it was so slick and steep. Ended up winching the bike up the hill from a Jeep parked at the top. EPIC adventure my body and mind won’t soon forget!

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 22

Lucky for me the group of adventurers I was with are seasoned and prepared explorers. They supported my efforts to get the bike back to camp and had all the tools and knowledge necessary to help me on my way.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 23

One reason I brought the EEXP on this adventure was to be able to share the Ninkasi Brewing goodness with this community. Many quality craft beers were shared around the campfire each night.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 24

I love being able to wake up and take in views like this. How can you go wrong surrounded by cool adventuremobile, amazing adventurers and a sunrise bathed desert landscape!

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 25

There were a few motos around camp this year.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 26

HUGE shout out to Gerico and Amber for keeping the community well feed all weekend. Gerico was the grill master.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 27

The #1020WildWomen are even stronger together.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 28

The #1020WildWomen do like to get wild as well 🙂

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 29

10-20 Adventures is all about family and community.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 30

While I’m not a dog person, you can’t help but go awww when there are puppies around.


I thought I had sorted my moto issues on Sunday morning and was ready to take my tired and beaten body out for another adventure with the crew, but sadly I didn’t make it too far. This was my walk of shame, captured by Chazz Layne, back to camp. Luckily it was a short walk and the bike was in a good spot to load it up on the EEXP and hit the road again.

ExploringElements1020WinterCamp 31

Even though my moto failed me a few times I was super lucky to have some quality moto riding gear from Icon Raiden to keep me safe all weekend. Luckily only walked away with some cuts, bumps and bruises.

I want to send a HUGE shout out to the entire 10-20 Adventure community for being so warm and welcoming this weekend, with a special thanks to the crew at 10-20 Outfitters for organizing. It was a truly special weekend of adventure that I hope to repeat again soon. I’ll keep doing what I can to help: “Support, Inspire & Motivate.”

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