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CES 2015: The Technology Show

CES 2015 was my first time attending the Shangri-La of tech that happens each year in Las Vegas, NV. The show was jaw dropping in so many ways, both for the good and the … [Read More...]



CES 2015: Photo/Video Tech

CES 2015 showcased a TON of new photo and video technologies, and showed how quickly and prolifically, successful products are copied. Some of the hot trends in this … [Read More...]



CES 2015: Automotive Tech

CES 2015 was the year of the automobile. The opening keynote was presented by Mercedes, and included the unveil of the first ever concept car to be released at CES, and nearly all the auto companies were in attendance showing off the latest automotive tech. For sure the … [Read More...]


Exploring Elements 2014: Adventures Abound!

So much awesome went down in 2014, but it can be summed up in two words; build & drive! We sold the Sportsmobile, designed & built the EEXP overland adventuremobile and hit the road for a circumnavigation of North America. With about 24,000 miles in the EEXP, … [Read More...]


REVIEW: Flying Off Everest (Book)

Flying Off Everest (BUY NOW) This is author Dave Costello’s first book which traces the journey, and lives, of two Nepalese men, Babu and Lakpa, who became the 2012 National Geographic Adventurers of the Year for their spectacular journey from THE summit to the sea. … [Read More...]